, Volume 65, Issue 4-5, pp 495-498

The optical properties of Yb3+ ions in LiTaO3:Nd,Yb crystals

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ions excited by energy transfer from Nd3+ ions in LiTaO3:Nd, Yb crystals are presented. The emission band of Yb3+ ions is broad, due to the strong phonon-coupling and to the relative large Stark-splitting of the ground 2F7/2 multiplet. The emission cross-section was evaluated by the reciprocity method, and a value of 0.53×10-20 cm2 was obtained. The gain coefficients derived for the inversion parameters in the range 0.05 to 0.5 indicate positive gain in the 985–1070 nm range.

Received: 17 March 1997/Revised version: 10 June 1997