, Volume 71, Issue 1, pp 47-50
Date: 23 Jan 2014

Mutually pumped phase conjugator using a BaTiO3 crystal having two inclined faces

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A pentagon-shaped undoped BaTiO3 crystal was used to construct a high-quality mutually pumped phase conjugator. It yields two very stable phase-conjugate outputs (±1.7% fluctuation in intensity) with high reflectivity (the highest ≈45%) when the two incident beams are of equal intensities. The response time of the conjugator is rather fast (≈3 s) and the tolerance of the acceptance angle is large too (≈100°). Fine structures (35 μm) in an image, after passing through a phase aberrator, can be recovered by the conjugate waves yielded by this conjugator.

Received: 25 October 1999 / Revised version: 3 February 2000 / Published online: 7 June 2000