, Volume 70, Issue 1 Supplement, pp S189-S192

Broadband high-energy mirror for ultrashort pulse amplification system

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We report a broadband high-energy mirror for TW-class chirped-pulse amplification of ≈10-fs pulses. This mirror consists of broadband coatings and optimized high-damage-threshold coatings for decreasing the intensity on the broadband coatings. It is important to optimize the number of high-damage-threshold coatings so that high damage-threshold and relatively low dispersion are traded off against each other. The bandwidth of this mirror (Δλ≈200 nm at λ0≈800 nm) is almost equivalent to that of a commercial broadband mirror, and the damage threshold of this mirror is almost equivalent to that of a commercial high-energy mirror. This mirror can withstand chirped pulse laser beam‘s with high fluence (>1 J/cm2) and wide spectra (153 nm FWHM) in practice.

Received: 1 October 1999 / Revised version: 3 March 2000 / Published online: 24 May 2000