, Volume 110, Issue 1, pp 39-45
Date: 25 Nov 2012

Fixed-distance coupling and encapsulation of heterogeneous quantum dots using phonon-assisted photo-curing

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We propose a novel method of coupling heterogeneous quantum dots at fixed distances and capsulating the coupled quantum dots by utilizing nanometric local curing of a photo-curable polymer caused by multistep electronic transitions based on a phonon-assisted optical near-field process between quantum dots. Because the coupling and the capsulating processes are triggered only when heterogeneous quantum dots floating in a solution closely approach each other to induce optical near-field interactions between them, the distances between the coupled quantum dots are physically guaranteed to be equal to the scale of the optical near fields. To experimentally verify our idea, we fabricated coupled quantum dots, consisting of CdSe and ZnO quantum dots and a UV-curable polymer. We also measured the photoluminescence properties due to the quantum-dot coupling and showed that the individual photoluminescences from the CdSe and ZnO quantum dots exhibited a trade-off relationship.