, Volume 109, Issue 1, pp 143-147
Date: 15 Sep 2012

Performance of 2 μm Tm:YAP pulse laser based on a carbon nanotube absorber

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We demonstrated the first use of carbon nanotube as a saturable absorber in the Q-switched and Q-switched mode-locking of a diode pumped Tm:YAP operating at 2 μm. At the incident pump power of 8.64 W, the minimum Q-switched pulse width of 255.1 ns, and the maximum peak power 53.1 W can be obtained with the corresponding repetition rate of 21.76 kHz. The performance of a diode-pumped passively Q-switched mode-locked Tm:YAP laser with high repetition rate formed with a folded cavity. As high as 780 mW average output power was produced in QML laser. The repetition rate of the mode-locked pulse inside the Q-switched envelope was 244.1 MHz. The dependence of the operational parameters on the pump power was also investigated experimentally.