, Volume 107, Issue 3, pp 659-663,
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Date: 25 May 2012

Si homojunction structured near-infrared laser based on a phonon-assisted process


We fabricated several near-infrared Si laser devices (wavelength ∼1300 nm) showing continuous-wave oscillation at room temperature by using a phonon-assisted process induced by dressed photons. Their optical resonators were formed of ridge waveguides with a width of 10 μm and a thickness of 2 μm, with two cleaved facets, and the resonator lengths were 250–1000 μm. The oscillation threshold currents of these Si lasers were 50–60 mA. From near-field and far-field images of the optical radiation pattern, we observed the high directivity which is characteristic of a laser beam. Typical values of the threshold current density for laser oscillation, the ratio of powers in the TE polarization and TM polarization during oscillation, the optical output power at a current of 60 mA, and the external differential quantum efficiency were 1.1–2.0 kA/cm2, 8:1, 50 μW, and 1 %, respectively.