, Volume 108, Issue 1, pp 125-128
Date: 31 Mar 2012

High-power neodymium-doped mixed vanadate bounce geometry laser, mode locked with nonlinear mirror

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The highest power neodymium-doped mixed vanadate laser oscillator is presented. Using a crystal of Nd:Gd0.6Y0.4VO4 in the bounce geometry, average output powers of 27.5 W in multimode and 23 W in TEM00 operation were achieved. The first nonlinear mirror mode-locked operation of a mixed vanadate laser is also presented, with 16.8 W output power—the highest power mode-locked mixed vanadate oscillator, to the best of our knowledge. Self-starting continuous-wave mode locking was observed at a repetition rate of 100 MHz, pulse duration of 12.7 ps and central wavelength of 1063.8 nm, in TEM00 mode.