, Volume 104, Issue 3, pp 569-576
Date: 10 Jun 2011

A high-energy, chirped laser system for optical Stark deceleration

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We describe a high-energy, frequency chirped laser system designed for optical Stark deceleration of cold molecules. This system produces two, pulse amplified beams of up to 700 mJ with flat-top temporal profiles, whose frequency and intensity can be well controlled for durations from 20 ns–10 μs. The two beams are created by amplifying a single, rapidly tunable Nd:YVO4 microchip type laser at 1064 nm, which can be frequency chirped by up to 1 GHz over the duration of the pulse. Intensity modulation induced by relaxation oscillations in the microchip laser during the frequency chirp are virtually eliminated by injection locking a free running semiconductor diode laser before pulsed amplification.