, Volume 103, Issue 3, pp 537-546
Date: 10 Feb 2011

Two-dimensional array of room-temperature nanophotonic logic gates using InAs quantum dots in mesa structures

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By growing two layers of InAs quantum dots on a substrate and processing the substrate to form mesa structures, we successfully fabricated for the first time nanophotonic devices that operate at room temperature. We fabricated two types of two-dimensional mesa arrays. The mesa dimensions of the individual arrays were 300 nm × 300 nm × 85 nm and 200 nm × 200 nm × 85 nm, and the areal density was 1×108 cm−2. By adjusting the characteristics of energy transfer via dressed photons between two InAs quantum dots in the upper and lower layers of the mesa structures, we implemented devices that operate as AND gates and NOT gates. We fabricated 133 devices (with mesa dimensions of 300 nm on each side), of which 53 devices operated as AND gates and 50 devices operated as NOT gates.