, Volume 99, Issue 1-2, pp 285-297
Date: 11 Dec 2009

Dy-doped Lu2 SiO5 single crystal: spectroscopic characteristics and luminescence dynamics

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Spectroscopic and kinetics properties of Lu2SiO5:Dy3+ (LSO:Dy) single crystal with 1 and 5 at.% of activator were investigated. The polarised absorption and unpolarised emission spectra were measured at 10–300 K. Parameters characterising radiative relaxations of LSO:Dy were estimated by the Judd–Ofelt model. The crystal-field energy structure was derived from low-temperature optical spectra exhibiting the presence of two non-equivalent Dy3+ sites. It was found that dysprosium ions in site 1 and in site 2 do not form isolated subsystems; these subsystems are coupled by an effective spectral energy migration process. The LSO:Dy crystal exhibits a strong luminescence in the visible. Strong ion–ion interactions were observed for LSO:Dy (5 at.%); luminescence decays are non-exponential and the macro-parameter of donor–acceptor interaction C da amounts to 5.3 (10−52 m6 s−1) and 7.8 (10−52 m6 s−1) at 10 and 300 K, respectively. Laser potential related to the 4F9/26H13/2 yellow luminescence in Dy:LSO was assessed based on evaluation of the emission cross section values. It was concluded that the crystal is a promising material for visible laser operation.