, Volume 99, Issue 1-2, pp 279-284
Date: 21 Nov 2009

Photoluminescence properties of blue-emitting Li4SrCa(SiO4)2:Eu2+ phosphor for solid-state lighting

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Blue-emitting Li4SrCa(SiO4)2:Eu2+ phosphors have been synthesized by solid-state reaction. The photoluminescence (PL) excitation spectrum shows broad-band absorption and matches well with the emission of a near-UV (n-UV) chip. The PL emission spectrum exhibits a broad-band emission peaking at 430 nm, which is the characteristic emission of the f–d transition of the Eu2+ ion. The diffuse reflection spectra, temperature-dependent emission spectra, fluorescence decay, and mechanism of concentration quenching are also studied in detail. Li4SrCa(SiO4)2:Eu2+ is a candidate blue phosphor for n-UV excited solid-state lighting.