, Volume 98, Issue 4, pp 773-778
Date: 07 Nov 2009

Low threshold current density, low resistance oxide-confined VCSEL fabricated by a dielectric-free approach

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We present the fabrication process and experimental results of 850-nm oxide-confined vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELs) fabricated by using dielectric-free approach. The threshold current of 0.4 mA, which corresponds to the threshold current density of 0.5 kA/cm2, differential resistance of 76 Ω, and maximum output power of more than 5 mW are achieved for the dielectric-free VCSEL with a square oxide aperture size of 9 μm at room temperature (RT). LIV characteristics of the dielectric-free VCSEL are compared with those of conventional VCSEL with the similar aperture size, which indicates the way to realize low-cost, low-power consumption VCSELs with extremely simple process. Preliminary study of the temperature-dependent LI characteristics and modulation response of the dielectric-free VCSEL are also presented.