, Volume 99, Issue 1-2, pp 187-190
Date: 01 Nov 2009

Ultra-fast all-optical switching in MEH-PPV photonic crystals with resonantly enhanced nonlinearity

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Photonic crystal all-optical switching is realized in two-dimensional nonlinear photonic crystals made of poly[2-methoxy-5-(2-ethylhexyloxy)-1,4-phenylenevinylene]. Organic polymer films are fabricated by a slow evaporation method. Under resonant excitation, the organic matrix provides very large third-order nonlinear optical susceptibility. An operating pump energy as low as 514 pJ/cm2 and a high switching efficiency of 70% are achieved for the photonic crystal optical switching. A switching time of 45.6 ps is maintained due to fast Forster transfer of excitons.