, Volume 99, Issue 1-2, pp 135-140
Date: 01 Nov 2009

Multi-wavelength diode-pumped Nd:LGGG picosecond laser

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Laser operation near 1.06 μm by a diode-pumped Nd:(Lu x Gd1−x )3Ga5O12 (Nd:LGGG) disordered crystal has been investigated. Cw oscillation, with a slope efficiency as high as 61% and 230 mW output power, was achieved with 400 mW absorbed power from a 1-W laser diode. Stable passive mode locking with single- or multi-banded spectrum was obtained with a semiconductor saturable absorber mirror (SAM) and a single-prism, dispersion-compensated cavity. Fourier limited pulses with duration ≈3–9 ps and output power ≈40 mW were generated at three well-defined laser transitions in the range 1062–1067 nm.