, Volume 96, Issue 4, pp 821-826

Second-harmonic generation spectroscopy on organic nanofibers

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Optical second-harmonic generation upon nanosecond laser irradiation of nanofibers grown from nonsymmetrically functionalized para-quarter-phenylene molecules on mica surfaces is investigated in the spectral region around electronic resonances. Strong multiphoton excited luminescence appears together with the second-harmonic signal in the spectra. It is demonstrated how the two components can be separated by analyzing emission spectra recorded over a broad range of wavelengths around the second-harmonic energy. Spectra of the absolute values of the second-harmonic signals are obtained for three differently functionalized molecules. Together with supplementary measurements of the structure of the nanofiber films this forms the basis for estimation of the second-harmonic susceptibility of the fiber materials. Values of the nonlinear susceptibilities are obtained, which are comparable to those of well-known inorganic nonlinear optical crystals.