, Volume 96, Issue 4, pp 815-820
Date: 05 Jun 2009

Intermittent oscillation of 1064 nm and 1342 nm obtained in a diode-pumped doubly passively Q-switched Nd:YVO4 laser

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The intermittent oscillation of 1064 nm and 1342 nm was demonstrated in a diode-pumped doubly passively Q-switched Nd:YVO4/Cr4+:YAG/V3+:YAG laser for the first time to our best knowledge. By exploiting a three-mirror configuration and choosing appropriate reflectivity values for the two wavelengths on the output couplers, the dual-wavelength pulsed operation was obtained. The maximum dual-wavelength average output power was 428 mW, corresponding to an optical-to-optical conversion efficiency of 8.5%. The corresponding physical explanations for the intermittent oscillation as well as the related phenomena are also given in this paper.