, Volume 95, Issue 3, pp 513-518
Date: 03 Apr 2009

Characteristics of holographic scattering and its application in determining kinetic parameters in PQ-PMMA photopolymer

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This paper characterizes holographic scattering and demonstrates its application in determining the kinetic parameters in materials with high transmittance and strong holographic scattering like phenanthrenequinone doped poly (methyl methacrylate) (PQ-PMMA). We define a polymerization rate parameter which can be determined by the temporal evolution of the scattering losses. Two basic kinetic parameters, quantum yield and molar-absorption coefficient, are obtained by nonlinear fitting the curve of the polymerization rate parameter as a function of the thickness, which are 1.9×10−6 mol/einstein and 2.1×104 cm2/mol for a wavelength of 532 nm respectively. These results improve the understanding of photochemical behaviors and allow us to describe the grating formation in the photopolymer reasonably.