Applied Physics B

, Volume 96, Issue 1, pp 11–17

Record performance from a Q-switched Er3+:Yb3+:YVO4 laser


DOI: 10.1007/s00340-009-3385-3

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Tsang, Y.H. & Binks, D.J. Appl. Phys. B (2009) 96: 11. doi:10.1007/s00340-009-3385-3


A diode-pumped Yb3+, Er3+:YVO4 laser was Q-switched by the rotating prism method and record performance obtained. Pulse energies of up to 0.2 mJ and pulse durations as short as 60 ns were demonstrated. A model based on a system of rate equations is also described and used to explain the observed behaviour.



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  1. 1.Photon Physics Research Group, School of Physics and AstronomyUniversity of ManchesterManchesterUK