, Volume 94, Issue 2, pp 239-242
Date: 19 Oct 2008

Energy transfer and frequency upconversion in Yb3+–Er3+-doped PbO-GeO2 glass containing silver nanoparticles

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We report the infrared-to-visible frequency upconversion in Er3+–Yb3+-codoped PbO-GeO2 glass containing silver nanoparticles (NPs). The optical excitation is made with a laser at 980 nm in resonance with the 2F5/22F7/2 transition of Yb3+ ions. Intense emission bands centered at 525, 550, and 662 nm were observed corresponding to Er3+ transitions. The simultaneous influence of the Yb3+→Er3+ energy transfer and the contribution of the intensified local field effect due to the silver NPs give origin to the enhancement of the whole frequency upconversion spectra.