, Volume 93, Issue 2-3, pp 605-611
Date: 10 Oct 2008

Intensity fluctuations in J-Bessel–Gaussian beams of all orders propagating in turbulent atmosphere

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The scintillation index of a J n -Bessel–Gaussian beam of any order propagating in turbulent atmosphere is derived and numerically evaluated at transverse cross-sections with the aid of a specially designed triple integral routine. The graphical outputs indicate that, just like the previously investigated J 0-Bessel–Gaussian beam, higher-order members of the family also offer favorable scintillation characteristics at large source sizes. This advantage is maintained against rising beam orders. Viewed along the propagation axis, beams with lower orders and smaller widths exhibit smaller values of the scintillation index at shorter propagation distances and large values at longer propagation distances. Further, it is shown that the scintillation index of the J n -Bessel–Gaussian beams (n>0) is larger than that of the fundamental Gaussian and the J 0-Bessel–Gaussian beams only near the on-axis points, while remaining smaller towards the edges of the beam.