, Volume 91, Issue 3-4, pp 415-419

In-band pumping of Nd-vanadate thin-disk lasers

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We investigate the output performance of the 1.06 μm 4F3/24I11/2 transition in Nd:GdVO4 and Nd:YVO4 thin-disk lasers under multi-pass pumping with diode lasers at 0.81 μm and at 0.88 μm, which corresponds to direct in-band pumping of the 4F3/2 emitting level. The use of a pump module with 24 passes through the crystal allowed the realization of an in-band pumped Nd:GdVO4 thin-disk laser with 14.9 W of continuous wave (cw) output power at 1.06 μm; the overall optical-to-optical efficiency was 0.50 and the slope efficiency with respect to the incident pump power was 0.52. Intracavity frequency-doubling of the Nd:GdVO4 thin-disk laser with a LiB3O5 (LBO) nonlinear crystal yielded 9.1 W of cw output power in the green at 0.53 μm with an overall optical-to-optical efficiency of 0.31.


42.55.Rz; 42.55.Xi; 42.60.Da; 42.65.Ky