, Volume 91, Issue 2, pp 283-286
Date: 27 Mar 2008

Complete characterization of weak ultra-short near-UV pulses by spectral interferometry

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We present a method for a complete characterization of a femtosecond ultraviolet pulse when a fundamental near-infrared beam is also available. Our approach relies on generation of the second harmonic from the pre-characterized fundamental, which serves as a reference against which an unknown pulse is measured using spectral interferometry (SI). The characterization apparatus is a modified second harmonic frequency resolved optical gating setup which additionally allows for taking SI spectra. The presented method is linear in the unknown field, simple and sensitive. We checked its accuracy using test pulses generated in a thick nonlinear crystal, demonstrating the ability to measure the phase in a broad spectral range, down to 0.1% peak spectral intensity as well as retrieving π leaps in the spectral phase.


42.65.Ky; 42.65.Re