, Volume 90, Issue 3-4, pp 395-400
Date: 05 Feb 2008

Subtraction of test mass angular noise in the LISA technology package interferometer

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When the position of a test mass in one dimension is measured with picometer accuracy, angular alignment jitter inevitably couples noise into the measurement. We present recent sensitivity measurements of the LISA technology package interferometer with articulated mirrors as test masses, actuated by piezo-electric transducers. The required longitudinal displacement resolution of 9 pm \(/\sqrt{\text{Hz}}\) above 3 mHz has been demonstrated with an angular noise that corresponds to the expected for on-orbit operation. The excess noise contribution of this test mass jitter onto the sensitive displacement readout was completely subtracted by fitting the angular interferometric data streams to the longitudinal displacement measurement. Thus, this cross-coupling constitutes no limitation to the required performance of the LISA technology package interferometry.


04.80.Nn; 07.60.Ly; 42.62.Eh