, Volume 89, Issue 4, pp 543-547
Date: 03 Nov 2007

Broad-band regenerative laser amplification in ytterbium-doped calcium fluoride (Yb:CaF2)

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An output pulse energy of 17.3 mJ has been achieved with a diode-pumped Yb:CaF2 regenerative laser amplifier. The bandwidth of the output pulse spectrum was 7.3 nm, being seeded with femtosecond pulses stretched to 2.2 ns. In cw operation a tuning range of 80 nm has been observed. A maximum pulse energy of 44 mJ at a repetition rate of 1 Hz has been obtained in Q-switched mode. The laser damage threshold of a Yb:CaF2 crystal has been determined at a wavelength of 1064 nm and a pulse duration of 10 ns.


42.55.Ah; 42.55.Xi; 42.70.Hj