, Volume 88, Issue 4, pp 539-544
Date: 18 Aug 2007

All-solid-state continuous-wave yellow laser based on intracavity frequency-doubled self-Raman laser action

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We report continuous-wave yellow emission from a compact Nd:YVO4 self-Raman laser with intra-cavity frequency-doubling in LBO, pumped by a 4.5 W high-brightness diode laser. A maximum yellow output of 140 mW was observed with an overall optical (diode-to-yellow) conversion efficiency of 4.4%, and with a high beam quality (M2∼1.2). A variety of different resonator configurations were investigated in order to achieve low threshold, highest output powers and efficiency, and to investigate amplitude stability.


42.55.Xi; 42.55.Ye; 42.65.Ky