, Volume 88, Issue 2, pp 281-284
Date: 05 Jul 2007

128 channels of integrated filter array rapidly fabricated by using the combinatorial deposition technique

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A combinatorial deposition technique is developed to fabricate integrated narrow bandpass filters (NBPFs) on a single substrate. It is highly efficient for the fabrication of integrated filter arrays in optical regions. An array integrated with 128 NBPFs has been fabricated by using the technique in a nine-step deposition process. The pass bands of the filters distribute almost linearly in the range of 722.0∼880.0 nm. The relative bandwidth of the pass bands is smaller than 0.44%. Such a NBPF array can be utilized as a wavelength division component in many optical applications. It is very powerful for the miniaturization of relevant apparatuses.


42.79.Ci; 84.30.Vn; 42.82.Cr; 42.82.Gw