, Volume 87, Issue 3, pp 547-552
Date: 05 Apr 2007

Propagation of cosh-Gaussian beams diffracted by a circular aperture in turbulent atmosphere

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An analytical formula for the average intensity of cosh-Gaussian (ChG) beams diffracted by an aperture in turbulent atmosphere is derived and some limiting cases are discussed. By using the average intensity formula, some numerical simulation comparisons are made and some special cases are studied, especially the influences of the ChG beam parameter (Ω0), the propagation distance, the aperture and its size on the average normalized intensity distribution. It is determined that the evolution properties of the average normalized intensity profile in turbulent atmosphere with aperture are different not only from those of free space with aperture but also from those in turbulent atmosphere without aperture.


42.68.Bz; 42.79.Ag; 42.25.Fx