, Volume 87, Issue 2, pp 289-292
Date: 24 Mar 2007

Planar waveguides in calcium barium niobate fabricated by MeV He ion implantation

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A planar optical waveguide was formed in calcium barium niobate (CBN) crystal by 2.8-MeV He-ion implantation with a dose of 1.0×1016 ions/cm2 at room temperature. The prism-coupling method was used to take dark mode measurements at both 633 nm and 1539 nm. The refractive-index profile (no and ne) of the He-implanted CBN waveguide was analyzed with the reflectivity calculation method. The results show that the MeV He implantation results in a decrease in refractive index in barriers for both no (4.1%) and ne (3.1%), but for ne there is an increase in the waveguide region. The intensity profile of the guide mode and waveguide loss were obtained by end-fire coupling.


42.79.Gn; 61.80.Jh