, Volume 87, Issue 2, pp 227-232

Narrow linewidth light source for an ultraviolet optical frequency standard

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We report an ultra-narrow linewidth light source applicable for a frequency standard in the ultraviolet. The laser is a Nd:YAG laser that emits at 946 nm with 300-mW output power. It is locked to a high-finesse cavity. The minimum Allan deviation is 1.3×10-14 for an integration time of 1 s, which corresponds to a laser linewidth of 2.8 Hz. The cavity drift is measured by a frequency comb and a single-ion spectrum for different time scales. In order to investigate broadening mechanisms due to the fiber transport and doubling systems, the laser light is frequency doubled with two independent systems and compared. The measured minimum beat-note between the two laser fields is less than 1 Hz. By carrying out a high-resolution scan on a trapped single indium ion, we observe a linewidth of 260 Hz on the ion clock transition. Possible reasons for the broadening effects are discussed.


42.55.Xi; 42.62.Eh; 42.65.Ky