, Volume 87, Issue 1, pp 151-156
Date: 16 Dec 2006

Remote detection of similar biological materials using femtosecond filament-induced breakdown spectroscopy

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We demonstrated the feasibility of remote detection and differentiation of some very similar agricultural-activity related bioaerosols, namely barley, corn, and wheat grain dusts, through nonlinear fluorescence of fragments induced by the high-intensity inside filaments of femtosecond laser pulses in air. The signals were detected in Lidar configuration with targets located at 4.7 m away from the detection system. All the species showed identical spectra, namely those from molecular C2 and CN bands, as well as atomic Si, C, Mg, Al, Na, Ca, Mn, Fe, Sr and K lines. These identical spectral bands and lines reveal similar chemical compositions; however, the relative intensities of the spectra are different showing different element abundances from these three bio-targets. The intensity ratios of different elemental lines were used to distinguish these three samples. Good reproducibility was obtained. We expect that this technique could be used at long distance and thus played as a sensor of similar biological hazards for public and defense security.


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