, Volume 86, Issue 4, pp 615-621
Date: 12 Dec 2006

Broadband supercontinuum generation in a single potassium di-hydrogen phosphate (KDP) crystal achieved in tandem with sum frequency generation

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We present here an enhanced broadband supercontinuum generation in a potassium di-hydrogen phosphate (KDP) crystal. The enhancement in the bandwidth of the white light is obtained towards the shorter wavelength regime (<400 nm) by employing supercontinuum generation and sum frequency generation in tandem. The tunability in the blue region of the spectrum with angle is demonstrated. The bandwidth of supercontinuum achieved spans from 350 nm to 1300 nm. Further, we show the excellent polarization maintenance of continuum generated in KDP in comparison to that generated in water and BK-7 glass.


42.65.Ky; 42.65.Jx; 42.65.Re; 42.25.Ja