, Volume 87, Issue 1, pp 135-137
Date: 12 Dec 2006

Luminescent properties of Bi-doped boro-alumino-phosphate glasses

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A new Bi-doped boro-alumino-phosphate glass (BAP) composition was developed. Absorption and emission spectra and luminescence decay kinetics were investigated. The emission spectrum consists of two wide bands in the visible (0.6–0.8 μm) and near-infrared (∼1.0–1.5 μm) ranges. The luminescence decay curve investigation has revealed a complicated behavior dependent on both excitation and registration wavelengths. In contrast to earlier investigated Bi-doped glasses, Bi:BAP has good technological properties and can be easily scaled. This makes the developed glass composition interesting for broadband tunable (∼1.0–1.5 μm) lasers and amplifiers.