, Volume 86, Issue 3, pp 461-466
Date: 08 Dec 2006

Influence of V-shaped plasmonic nanostructures on beam propagation

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The influence of V-shaped plasmonic nanostructures caused by focused ion beam milling on transmission properties are addressed in this paper. In order to evaluate the influence, a finite-difference and time-domain numerical method is employed for simulation of the plasmonic structures flanked with the corrugations with equal groove depth at the exit side of a metal film which is coated on a quartz substrate. Our simulation results have shown that a V-shaped subwavelength central slit/aperture is helpful for beam shaping. It plays a positive and dominant role in transmissivity. However, the V-shaped grooves cause a red shift of the peak wavelength and a broadening of the cut-off wavelength. This leads to the beam diverging in the region of the far field. In the case of the existence of both the V-shaped central slit and the V-shaped grooves, the influence of the grooves is less compared to that of the central slit, and can be ignored theoretically.


02.60.Cb; 02.70.Bf; 07.79.Fc; 42.25.Bs