, Volume 86, Issue 3, pp 503-510
Date: 30 Nov 2006

Single-frequency cw vertical external cavity surface emitting semiconductor laser at 1003 nm and 501 nm by intracavity frequency doubling

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This work reports single-frequency laser oscillation at λ=1003.4 nm of a diode-pumped vertical external cavity surface-emitting semiconductor laser for metrological applications. A low thermal resistance of the semiconductor active component is achieved by solid-liquid interdiffusion bonding onto a SiC substrate. The spectro-temporal dynamics of the laser is theoretically studied. Experimentally, an output power of 1.7 W is demonstrated in free running operation, and up to 500 mW in a true single longitudinal mode. Furthermore, single-frequency laser emission at λ=501.7 nm is obtained by intracavity frequency doubling, resulting in a total output power as high as 62 mW.


42.55.Px; 42.55.Xi; 42.62.Eh; 42.65.Ky