, Volume 86, Issue 4, pp 703-706
Date: 22 Nov 2006

CH3OH optically pumped by a 13CO2 laser: new laser lines and assignments

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We report 12 new THz (far-infrared) laser lines from methanol (CH3OH), ranging from 58.1 μm (5.2 THz) to 624.6 μm (0.5 THz). A 13CO2 laser of wide tunability (110 MHz) has been used for optical pumping, allowing access to previously unexplored spectral regions. Optoacoustic absorption spectra were used as a guide to search for new THz laser lines, which have been characterized in wavelength, polarization, offset, relative intensity, and optimum operation pressure. For 20 laser lines previously observed, we have measured the absorption offset with respect to the 13CO2 laser line center.


33.20.Ea; 33.20.Vq; 33.80.-b