, Volume 87, Issue 1, pp 13-16

A novel THz source based on a two-color Nd:LSB microchip-laser and a LT-GaAsSb photomixer

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A two-color Nd:LSB microchip-laser that simultaneously emits at 1061.3 nm and 1063.9 nm is used for photomixing. Since LT-GaAs which is typically utilized for photomixing cannot be excited efficiently with wavelengths exceeding 1 μm, LT-GaAsSb with a bandgap energy designed to match the laser emission is used here for the first time. With this system THz radiation at 0.7 THz is generated and detected with a bolometer.


84.40Ba; 42.60By; 42.55 Xi; 42.62b