, Volume 86, Issue 1, pp 71-75
Date: 11 Jul 2006

Growth, spectroscopic and laser properties of Yb3+ -doped GdAl3(BO3)4 crystal: a candidate for infrared laser crystal

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Yb3+:GdAl3(BO3)4 (hereafter Yb3+:GAB) crystals with large sizes and good optical quality have been grown by the top-seed solution growth (TSSG) method. The polarized absorption and emission spectra have been investigated at room temperature. For the σ-polarization, the intensities of both absorption and emission spectra are stronger than those for the π-polarization, the σ-absorption cross section of Yb3+ in GAB being 3.43×10-20 cm2 at 977 nm, and the σ-emission cross section being 0.98×10-20 cm2 at 1045 nm. The fluorescence lifetime of the 2 F 5/22 F 7/2 transition was measured to be 800 μs in the 5% doped sample used for our laser experiments, 993 μs in a 10% doped sample and 569 μs in a 0.5% doped sample. The laser parameters were estimated as: βmin=0.022, Isat=10.4 kW/cm2 and Imin=0.23 kW/cm2. About 0.4 W laseroutput at the wavelength of 1043 nm was achieved when the Yb3+:GAB crystal was pumped by a 974 nm laser diode, with 27.4% slope efficiency.


42.55.-f; 42.70.Hj; 78.20.-e; 81.10.Dn