, Volume 84, Issue 1-2, pp 295-302
Date: 05 May 2006

Nonlinear optical characteristics of nanoparticles in suspensions and solid matrices

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The study of the nonlinear optical parameters of suspensions and glass matrices doped with various nanoparticles (Ag, Cu, Co, Au, Pt, GaAs, CdS, As2S3) are presented. Various techniques for the preparation of nanoparticles in suspensions and solid matrices, in particular laser ablation, chemical methods, and ion implantation are discussed. We present our measurements of the nonlinear refractive indices, nonlinear absorption coefficients, saturation intensities, and nonlinear susceptibilities of nanoparticles-containing media using laser pulses generating in various spectral and temporal ranges.


42.65.An; 42.65.Hw; 42.65.Jx; 61.46.Df; 78.67.Bf