, Volume 83, Issue 4, pp 565-569
Date: 14 Mar 2006

Auger upconversion energy transfer losses and efficient 1.06 μm laser emission in Nd3+ doped fluoroindogallate glass

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In addition to efficient continuous wave laser action at 1.06 μm (4 F 3/24 I 11/2 transition), with a slope efficiency 30% and 30 mW pump power threshold, this work presents a throughout study of the spectroscopic, and thermo-optical properties of a 2.0 mol % Nd3+ doped fluoroindogallate glass. The characterization of the sample using the pump probe experimental technique indicated the presence of two broad excited state absorption bands from 0.94 to 1.05 μm (4 F 3/22 D 3/2, 2 G 9/2, 4 G 11/2, 2 K 15/2) and from 1.16 to 1.42 μm (4 F 3/24 G 9/2, 4 G 7/2, 2 K 13/2), found not to interfere with the stimulated emission at 1.06 μm, with a peak cross section value σSE = 2.55×10-21 cm2 and a full width at half maximum of 22 nm. Thermal lens measurements were performed to quantify the Auger upconversion parameter (γ=(1.26±0.09)×10-16 cm3/s) and evaluate the thermal loading in the sample in comparison to other commercial glasses.


181.05.Kf; 78.45.+h; 42.70.Hj