, Volume 82, Issue 4, pp 539-541
Date: 25 Jan 2006

Lasing action in two-dimensional organic photonic crystal lasers with hexagonal symmetry

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We investigate fluorescence and lasing action from strongly modulated two-dimensional surface relief structures with hexagonal symmetry onto which thin films of optically active organic material have been deposited. As compared with second-order laser structures with square symmetry, these organic photonic crystal lasers exhibit unusual feedback mechanisms. As a result, we observe surface-emitting lasing action with a central beam normal to the surface and a hexagonal emission pattern of side-beams whose direction slightly deviates from the normal. A corresponding theoretical analysis allows us to determine the photonic bandstructure and the low-threshold laser modes in this system. These results agree very well with fluorescence data and confirm the hexagonal lasing pattern and the corresponding emission angles.


42.55.Tv; 42.70.Jk; 42.70.Qs