, Volume 81, Issue 7, pp 927-936
Date: 05 Nov 2005

Forcing and control of localized states in optical single feedback systems

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Under feedback extended nonlinear optical systems spontaneously show a variety of periodic patterns and structures. Control gives new insight into these phenomena and it can open the way for potential application of nonlinear optical structures. We briefly review methods to control localized states in single feedback experiments. Application of a Fourier control method allows to modify interaction behavior of the localized states. As a further approach we study a forcing method, using externally created light fields as additional input to the system. Recent experiments show that the forcing method enables to favor addressing positions for localized structures. We demonstrate static addressing and favoring of addressing positions. We extend the forcing method to a dynamic forcing scheme, which allows to move and reposition localized states. Additionally forcing is used to balance experimental imperfections.


05.45.Gg; 42.60.Jf; 42.65.Tg