, Volume 81, Issue 2-3, pp 369-375

Magneto-optical defects in two-dimensional photonic crystals

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We analyze the properties of magneto-optical defect states in two-dimensional photonic crystals. With out-of-plane magnetization, the magneto-optical coupling splits doubly-degenerate TE states into two counter-rotating modes at different frequencies. The strength of magneto-optical coupling strongly depends on the spatial overlap of the cavity domain structures and the cross product of the modal fields. The transport property of the resultant nonreciprocal states is demonstrated in a junction circulator structure with a magneto-optical cavity coupled to three waveguides. By a proper matching of the magneto-optical frequency splitting with the cavity decay rate into the waveguide, ideal three-port circulator characteristics with complete isolation and transmission can be achieved, with an operational bandwidth proportional to the magneto-optical constant. The proposed optical circulator in a bismuth-iron-garnet/air photonic crystal is demonstrated with finite-difference time-domain calculations and is compared to an alternative implementation of silicon/air crystal infiltrated with a single bismuth-iron-garnet domain.