, Volume 81, Issue 2-3, pp 295-300
Date: 15 Jul 2005

Tapered microstructured fibers for efficient coupling to optical waveguides: a numerical study

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We report the possibility of using tapered microstructured fibers to improve the coupling efficiency from a standard single-mode fiber to a photonic crystal waveguide. The tapered microstructured fiber allows for the reduction of the mode mismatch between the output of the standard fiber and the input of the waveguide while maintaining single-mode guidance, which results in an enhanced coupling efficiency. Numerical simulations are conducted in order to optimize the cross section of the microstructured fiber as well as the taper profile. An improvement of more than 4 dB is obtained compared to non-tapered fibers. For further improvement, an elliptical-core tapered microstructured fiber is analyzed. The effect of misalignment between the tapered microstructured fiber and the waveguide is also studied.