, Volume 81, Issue 2-3, pp 219-223
Date: 15 Jul 2005

Polarization-sensitive non-3ω third-harmonic generation by femtosecond Cr: Forsterite laser pulses in birefringent microchannel waveguides of photonic-crystal fibers

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Femtosecond Cr: forsterite laser pulses coupled into small-diameter birefringent channel waveguides off the central core of a photonic-crystal fiber are shown to generate multiple narrowband spectral peaks within the 380–460 nm wavelength region through multimode-phase-matched third-harmonic generation. Some of these peaks are shifted by tens of terahertz from the tripled frequency of the pump field, dictated by standard energy conservation for third-harmonic generation in monochromatic fields. The spectral contents of the third-harmonic signal generated in such a regime are controlled by changing polarization and the intensity of the input pump field.