, Volume 80, Issue 4-5, pp 399-403
Date: 25 Feb 2005

Supercontinuum extending from > 1000 to 250 nm, generated by focusing ten-fs laser pulses at 805 nm into Ar

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Ten femtosecond pulses at 805 nm with energy up to 1 mJ were produced by self-phase modulation of 45-fs pulses in Ar at atmospheric pressure and subsequent compression by chirped mirrors. Focusing part of this radiation again into Ar at atmospheric pressure generates a single filament with broadband emission covering the range from > 1000 to 250 nm. This range extends farther into the UV than previously observed with such low energies, overlapping even the region of the third harmonic. Only a small fraction of the power is contained outside the central spot. Using a simple prism compressor, pulses were obtained with durations of 70 fs and energies of 700 nJ in the range 270–290 nm.

This revised version was published online in March 2005. The last name of the corresponding author W. Fuß was corrected.