, Volume 80, Issue 2, pp 159-163
Date: 20 Oct 2004

Continuous-wave laser action of Yb3+ -doped lanthanum scandium borate

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Lanthanum scandium borate (LSB) has been proved to be an interesting laser matrix when doped with Nd3+ and Er3+ ions. In this paper, we demonstrate that it is also a very efficient laser material when doped with Yb3+ ions. The main spectroscopic characteristics of the system are presented, showing very broad absorption and emission bands, comparable to those found in Yb-doped GdCOB and YCOB crystals. From spectroscopic measurements the relevant laser parameters have been obtained, and a tunability of about 50 nm could be deduced. Room-temperature, continuous-wave laser action of Yb-doped LSB is demonstrated at a wavelength of 1045 nm with a slope efficiency as high as 64%.