, Volume 79, Issue 5, pp 591-596
Date: 04 Aug 2004

Low-threshold supercontinuum generation from an extruded SF6 PCF using a compact Cr4+:YAG laser

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The modal properties of an extruded SF6 photonic crystal fiber (PCF) have been analyzed on the basis of a full-vector model. The favorable dispersion properties (the zero-dispersion wavelength for a PCF with 4.5-μm core size lies at approximately 1.5 μm) and the large nonlinearity figure of up to 280 W-1 km-1 may provide more than an octave of spectral broadening with launched pulse energies below 200 pJ. In agreement with simulations, experiments have demonstrated the low-energy spectral broadening under excitation by -–60 70fs pulses from a compact mode-locked Cr4+:YAG laser operating at a 100-MHz repetition rate. Besides the spectral broadening due to the soliton-fission mechanism, the rich mode structure of the fiber allows third-order harmonic generation and four-wave mixing, which extend the supercontinuum spectrum down to the visible-wavelength range.


42.65.Tg; 42.81.Dp