, Volume 79, Issue 3, pp 289-292
Date: 23 Jun 2004

Spectrally and temporally isolated Raman soliton features in microstructure fibers visualized by cross-correlation frequency-resolved optical gating

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We study soliton phenomena accompanying the propagation of femtosecond Cr: forsterite-laser pulses through a microstructure fiber in the regime of efficient anti-Stokes frequency conversion. The dispersion of the fiber is designed in such a way as to minimize the group delay of the 1.25-μm pump and the Stokes pulse within the length of soliton pulse compression in the regime of anomalous dispersion. Spectrally and temporally isolated solitonic features, resulting from soliton self-frequency shift, are detected at the output of such a microstructure fiber by means of cross-correlation frequency-resolved optical gating.


42.65.Wi; 42.81.Qb