, Volume 78, Issue 6, pp 791-795
Date: 30 Mar 2004

Saturation-dip measurements in the 2ν2 overtone band of OCS with a CO2-laser/microwave-sideband spectrometer

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We have employed a CO2-laser/microwave-sideband spectrometer to carry out saturation-dip sub-Doppler measurements of a number of 2ν2 overtone transitions of OCS in the 10-μm region. The OCS frequencies have been obtained with an absolute accuracy of order ±37 kHz, as determined from a careful analysis of the combined uncertainties in the frequency of our Lamb-dip-locked laser and the centers of the observed OCS saturation signals. Our ±37 kHz measurement accuracy is consistent with literature OCS sub-Doppler data obtained on a similar instrument. The results serve to extend the comb of precise reference frequencies in the 10-μm region and to determine the magnitudes of systematic and random uncertainties of our CO2 laser.


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