, Volume 78, Issue 6, pp 705-709
Date: 26 Mar 2004

Multiple-spot optical tweezers created with microlens arrays fabricated by proton beam writing

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We report two different applications for using arrays of microlenses on glass substrate to facilitate multiple-spot optical trapping of colloidal microbeads. The array of microlenses was made of SU8 or PMMA resist and created by a combination of Proton-Beam writing followed by thermal reflow processes. Firstly, similar to previous reports [8, 9, 10 ], the lenses were utilized as an optical element in generating multiple laser spot arrays that were subsequently focused down to impose a microbead array. In addition, we demonstrated the feasibility of a novel approach of integrating the microlens array into a sample chamber to provide localized optical trapping.


07.60.Pb; 41.75.Ak; 42.15.Eq; 42.65.Jx; 42.79.Bh